Quranic Studies

Course Faculty:

Shaykh Mawlana Kamaluddin Ahmed (Founder) Mawlana Dr. Saeed Ismail (Alim Darul Uloom Karachi, MBBS) Ustad Syed Irfan Ihmed (Darse Nizami Student, IBA Faculty) Ustad Saif Hassan (Darse Nizami Students, MBA KSBL) Ustad Fahad Razi (Tajweed, Hafiz, MBA IBA)

Course Description:

This two semester (five months each) course aims to equip the students with basics that every Muslim should be well-versed with in order to live in accordance with the Shari’ah, and to introduce them to the vast domain of Islamic sciences. It caters to the needs of those who can’t commit to a long term course, yet have the yearning to learn Deen and apply it in their daily lives. Quranic Studies (QS) focuses on building interest in acquiring the knowledge of Deen and getting steadfast on its practices. Quranic Arabic focuses on helping the students identify the basic structures of different types of verbs and forming basic sentences. The examples and practice worksheets are taken from the Quran so as to familiarize the students with words from the Quran.
Commentaries on the Exalted Quran and the Blessed Sayings of the Prophet SAW aim at helping the students understand the roots of Islam and improve the connection with their Rab.
The Tajweed and Supplications for Salah course provides our students a platform to improve their recitation and identify and pronunciation errors they might be making. The essentials and meanings of Salah are taught along with the feelings behind the meaning of each prayer in Salah. Essentials of Islam starts with the basics of faith and beliefs in Islam, their proofs and implications. It moves on to explain the various practices and concepts of the Islamic faith in order to equip the students with sound rational proof of the truthfulness of Islam as the path leading to Allah SWT. Register Now!

Class ScheduleTue & Thu – 7 PM to 10 PM

Starting From2nd June 2020



CostFree of Cost

AddressIHSAN INSTITUTE – 3rd Floor Al Syed Arcade, Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan

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