Mufti Najeeb Khan

Mufti Najeeb Khan is a reputed expert in the field of Islamic Finance and holds a degree of specialization (Takhassus) from Jamia Darul Uloom, Karachi. He is serving on the Shariah advisory boards of Summit Bank, UBL Islamic Funds and Pak Oman Islamic Funds. Additionally, he has been a member of various supervisory and advisory boards of SECP, SBP, Government of Sindh, ICAP, PSQCR and several financial institutions in Australia. As an academic and trainer he has professional affiliations with NIBAF, IDB, IBA, LUMS, UoK, Halal committee of OIC and is also serving as the Principal of Hira Foundation School. He is also a member of the advisory board for designing Islamic School curriculums – Ummah Relief International – U.S.A, Lecturer – U.M.M.A Centre, Victoria, Australia, Lecturer – Islamic Centre, Monash University, Australia and Senior Member of Majlis Ulama – Australia etc.

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